Supporting the development of crawler units and cast steel products

Those who do not have the underbody of the work machine, Those who need cast steel products..

To such customers, Maxis Corporation will support the product development.

■ Crawler unit development

How to make the work machine self-propelled?
We are the company which can support from design to assembly for the work machine manufacturers who do not have suspension or those who do not produce their own.
We provide a variety of crawler units such as tunnel construction, residential land improvement, harvesters, and transport machines.

Development of cast steel products

The number of domestic castings, especially "cast steel products", is decreasing year by year.
There are many domestic castings that use high-quality materials, have complicated shapes, and have "high added value", but products with simple shapes are steadily shifting to overseas production.
However, cast steel products cannot be easily manufactured anywhere because of difficult casting conditions and heat treatment.
We, Maxis Corporation, develop the final product all at once after receiving the drawings from the customers.
We develop and deliver high-quality cast steel goods produced at our overseas plants with reasonable price.

We aim to be a concierge in the steel and construction machinery industry.

With overwhelming quantity and high quality,
we put our top priority on customer satisfaction and make flexible proposals.

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