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Corporate History

Tokushu Kozai Corporation Juki Buhin Corporation
April 1951 Founded
Yoshimoto Kouzai Firm was established in Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
August 1953 Incorporation
Renamed to Tokushu Kozai Corporation
Capital of 1 million yen.
January 1966 Juki Buhin Corporation was established in Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Captital of 3 million yen.
July 1967 Headquarters was moved to Shinonome, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
May 1970 Tokyo branch was established.
October 1970 Osaka branch was established.
March 1971 Kanto Office was established.  
May 1972 Exports to Southeast Asia began.
September 1972 Tohoku branch was established.
February 1973 Kyushu Office was established.
November 1975 Sapporo Office was established.
October 1979 Nagoya Office was established.
January 1980 Imports from Europe began.
August 1980 Captial was increased to 30 million yen.
October 1988   Hiroshima Office was established.
July 1993   Captial was increased to 45 million yen.
November 1995 Merger was decided. Merger was decided.
Reporting period changed to March.
Maxis Corporation
April 1996 Tokushu Kouzai and Juki Buhin merged together to form Maxis Corporation.
February 1997 Captial was increased to 218,249,500 yen.
May 1998 New information system began operation.
Information was shared between all branches and offices in real time.
November 1998 Investment by Nissho Iwai Corporation amounted to around 25% of shares.
December 1998 Industrial Machinery Marketing Devision was established.
Sales of pressure washers began.
April 2002 New development project was established.
OEM sales to construction equipment manufacturers began.
April 2002 MAXIS ASIA was established.
April 2002 Toyokawa Office was established.
April 2003 Kita-Kanto Office was established.
December 2003 Business tie-up with TOKIRON Ltd. began.
July 2004 Headquarters was moved to Hamamatsu-cho.
April 2005 Niigata Office was established.
April 2005 ISO 9001:2000 certification was acquired by Special Steel Division (headquarters, Kanto Processing Center, and Toyokawa Office).
April 2006 Doto Office was established.
March 2007 Doto Office was closed.
April 2007 Higashi-Kanto Office was established.
April 2007 Nagoya Office was moved.
May 2007 Toyokawa Office was moved.
May 2007 Osaka Office was moved.
June 2007 Higashi-Nihon PD Center was established.
July 2007 Tokyo Marketing Division was moved.
April 2008 Nishi-Kanto Office was established.
October 2008 Himeji Office was established.
April 2009 Niigata Office was closed.
October 2009 Nishi-Kanto Office was closed.
October 2009 Tokyo Marketing Division was moved.
April 2011 Kita-Kanto Office was closed.
October 2011 Nagoya Office was moved.
October 2011 Headquarters was moved.
April 2012 Himeji Office was closed.
May 2016 Kozai PD Center was moved.
January 2017 Nishi-Nihon PD Center was established.

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