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Structural Steel

Expanding Around Our Cutting Services

- With our large inventory and large variety of goods, we are the only mill in the Kanto region capable of cutting 700 tons per month for high-mix, small lot jobs.
- We will work with you to reduce cost and man-hours.

Main Product Categories

Category Steel Type
Rolled structural steel SS400
Machine structural carbon steel S10C, S12C, S15C, S20C, S25C, S35C, S45C, S48C, S50C, S53C, S55C
Machine structural alloy steel Chrome steel SCR420 SCR440
Chrome molybdenum steel SCM415 SCM420 SCM435 SCM440
Nickel-chrome molybdenum steel SNCM220 SNCM420 SNCM439 SNCM616 SNCM625 SNCM630 SACM645
Nickel-chrome steel SNC631 SNC815
Untempered structural steel SVD45, SVD48, SVDT38

Cutting Equipment

6 circular saws (can cut up to 150 mm diameter), 10 bandsaws (can cut up to 430 mm diameter), Automatic bandsaw (1 set)

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